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    Muli Musyoka I.A.T is a Holistic hair specialist, the first I.A.T Certified Trichologist in East & Central Africa and a member of the International Association of Trichologists. Muli trained as a hair dresser in Kenya and later enrolled as a trichologist in Sydney Australia.

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    Muli runs a hair & scalp restoration clinic in Nairobi. This unique state of the art clinic is the first to introduce hair transplant, PRP and laser therapy for hair growth in Kenya

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  • Funky hair cutting & Colouring


    Muli has been instrumental in advanced hair care training across Africa. He has also given hair lectures in USA , Melbourne and Hobart Tasmania

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    Perfection and Detail

    Muli is also known for giving talks in different forums where he uses his story to inspire and motivate business people and school going kids.

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At a Glance

Currently Muli has majorly focused on treating hair loss and any form of scalp problems that can be fixed through diet, change of habits/lifestyle and hair styling.

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Certified by IAT

Certified by IAT

A Certified Trichologist | Quick Contacts: Cell: +254 735 559 562 Email: muli@mulimusyoka.com | trichologykenya@gmail.com



Hair Hub Trichology Centre is a unique and a pioneer hair restoration clinic in Sub-Saharan Africa .

Educative Blog

Educative Blog

Learn more about your hair daily in my blog.

Great Conference Speeches

Muli is always out there speaking to people about healthy living that shall improve hair growth and reduce the occurrence of unwanted hair and scalp conditions



HairHub Trichology Center

To us it is more than just hair restoration. IT’S HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOU!

Hair Hub Trichology Centre is a unique and a pioneer hair restoration clinic in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Trichology Centre is dedicated to providing quality services as well as taking care of hair and scalp conditions in a unique approach and with the most innovative advancements in hair restoration and other Trichological services.

Hair Restoration

I focus to avail the remedy and therapies for different types of trichological conditions in East Africa

Muli remains ambitious and believes that there is immense opportunity, if only professionalism is instilled in the hair and beauty industry which has fallen to appalling levels. He is currently using his success in a unique career to inspire the youth in high schools through motivational talks in high schools, colleges, business forums, women forums and health events in the East African region.