Muli Musyoka I.A.T is a Holistic hair specialist, the first I.A.T Certified Trichologist in East and Central Africa. Muli trained as a hair dresser and in Kenya and later enrolled as a Trichology student with IAT in Sydney Australia. He later trained on brand development, branding and communication strategy in South Africa. Muli learnt the trichology skill under David Salinger a renowned trichologist and a director in the International Association of Trichologists board. He gave lecturers in international trichologists’ forums in Hobart Tasmania and later in Melbourne.

Having  worked in the manufacturing of leading ethnic hair care brands like Motions, TCB, Miadi, and Black Silk, Muli has been heavily involved in product development, quality evaluation and Professional training for salon stylists in East Africa. He has trained over 16’000 hairdressers in East Africa and continues to contribute positively in installation and formalization of the hair care industry in the region. In 2011 Muli worked with the Directorate of Industrial Training under the Ministry of labour to develop training guidelines for hair and beauty discipline which are currently used in the Kenyan polytechnics.

Currently Muli has majorly focused on treating hair loss and any form of scalp problems that can be fixed through diet, change of habits/lifestyle and hair styling. He uses a trichoscope to do analysis on hair and scalp which helps him in the right diagnosis of your hair and scalp condition. Muli is the first hair care specialist in Kenya to reverse genetic thinning in women and balding in men. Together with two surgeons, Muli is the first Trichologist to introduce the latest hair transplant method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Kenya which he looks at as a major leap towards permanent solutions to hair loss.

His focus is to avail the remedy and therapies for different types of trichological conditions in East Africa and even expand the advanced surgical hair transplant services in the region. Muli remains ambitious and believes that there is immense opportunity, if only professionalism is instilled in the hair and beauty industry which has fallen to appalling levels. He is currently using his success in a unique career to inspire the youth in high schools through motivational talks in high schools, business forums, women forums and health events in the East African region.


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